Supporting people around the world

Kiva - microlending to alleviate povertyI’ve been an active lender on Kiva for several years now, after a friend suggested he wanted Kiva gift vouchers for his birthday in lieu of traditional presents.

It’s rewarding to see borrowers return after successfully repaying one loan, and write continued  updates about their improved conditions and businesses.

Only two loans short of my 50th, I have a policy of supporting women, with priorities on education, health, and green projects. As there are few loans that fit these criteria most of the time, I often fall back to funding food and manufacturing loans.

If you aren’t currently a lender, why not join Kiva now?

Each Kiva microloan is $25, and you can make a difference in someone’s life and work, pulling people out of poverty around the world.

If you are on Kiva, what are your lending policies?


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Freelance writer and language coach. Eternally curious, eternally learning. Managing multiple chronic pain illnesses.

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