Visiting Kakunodate

Samurai armor in Kakunodate, JapanEver wondered what a samurai village in Japan was like?

What type of houses they lived in?

What they wore when they weren’t wearing samurai armor?

Kakunodate, in north-central Honshu, Japan, is a gorgeous samurai town, established in the Warring States period, before Tokugawa Ieyasu became Shogun in 1600.

With many original samurai houses and villas, cherry tree carving and craft workshops, art and literature galleries, plus a good share of Edo-period warehouses and merchant lodgings, it’s a great place to spend a day or two.

If you go in spring, you are treated to a 2km stretch of the amazing cherry blossomed lined Hinokinai river, and the weeping sakura (cherry blossom) around the samurai quarter is absolutely stunning! No wonder this town is known as Little Kyoto.

In autumn, the surround hills are a patchwork of colours, and the waterfall and onsen (hot springs) in the nearby Dakigaeri valley are certainly worth a visit.

In winter, the town is transformed into a snow-covered wonderland (as you can see in my photo). In summer, it’s cooled by the breezes from the rivers running next to the town.

Kakunodate, samurai quarter, in winter

Kakunodate, samurai quarter, in winter


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