Bundt cake recipe collection

I love baking, and I love the form of bundt and kugelhopf cakes.

Perhaps it’s because I don’t particularly like icing, and I really dislike whipped cream that I shy away from making the traditional cakes – I don’t like eating them!

At the moment, I only have the one bundt cake form, but will be adding to my (starting) collection at Easter, instead of getting chocolate for presents. On my list is a half-size tin, better for a two person household, and at least one of the Nordicware tins.

At the moment, my growing collection of bundt cake recipes include:

  • apple with a warm rum glaze – my personal favourite, and the one I’m asked most often to make.
  • dark chocolate with a kahlua coffee glaze – very strong, best eaten warm with a scoop of good vanilla ice cream.
  • Orange cranberry – keeps fabulously in the freezer, and is delicious even when frozen!
  • lemon and lime – a variation on my orange, to use a glut of lemons and limes that I was given. Very tangy!
  • in development – black forest with a cherry liqueur glaze


OrangeBundtCakeLemon and lime bundt cake


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