Coffee reads – working on one’s self

A collection of blog posts, articles and tweets which caught my attention in the last week. Some may be recent, some older.

Coffee and chocolateGuidelines for change – Down to Earth

On downshifting, simplifying, focusing on things other than money, and doing stuff yourself – growing a garden, reusing and recycling. Something I keep meaning to do more of.

7 reasons you struggle with happiness – Marc and Angel Hack Life

Points 1-5 resonated strongly with me – I have a habit of letting problems lie, and not doing enough about them, hiding my feelings from myself, and putting my passions aside.

Pick one – First Today, Then Tomorrow

Being overwhelmed with choices, with things to do, projects to complete, idea overload. Solution – pick one. Must try this!

Lying to yourself – James Gowans

Saying no isn’t hard – kids do it all the time. But I’ve forgotten how to do it. A necessary skill to keep using, to keep sane, productive and avoid overload.

Don’t compare yourself to others, just get on with YOUR important work – Sustainably Creative

In comparison, you always end up lacking, losing, wanting, and then feeling bad and not doing whatever it is you want to do – not feeling good enough. This is certainly a description of me!

“When you’re feeling lost, take heart. It’s just your brain gathering the information it needs to make good decisions.” ~Josh Kaufman  via @ThinkSimpleNow

Got another article or tweet you’d love to add? Let me know in the comments!

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