Why are habits so difficult?

20130626-072825.jpgI have struggled with adding good habits and getting rid of the not so good ones for a long, long time. The tricks that work for many, don’t work well for me.

Perhaps it’s that I’m rather scatterbrained, chasing after ‘shiny’ thoughts and activities, and letting the habit work fall by the wayside.

Motivational tricks like ticking the calendar days or rewards for activities done, fail. Asking for people close to me to keep me accountable also fails, they sympathize with difficulties in dealing with my illnesses, and don’t annoy me to keep on track.

But I haven’t tried public accountability!

So, starting today, I’ll be using the Lift app, and committing to the first of hopefully many good and permanent changes – daily stretching. It’s a habit that will help me manage my illnesses better, and should show improvements quickly (like touching my toes!)

Leo Babauta has some tips about sticking to a habit – focus on one, make it tiny, reduce the resistance, and then just do it.

What tricks work for you to add good habits or get rid of bad ones?


About LearnedWords
Freelance writer and language coach. Eternally curious, eternally learning. Managing multiple chronic pain illnesses.

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