Regular Foodie Reads

20130719-100831.jpgJoanne Choi of Week of Menus regularly posts delicious cake and slice recipes as well as healthy, quick and oft spicy dishes. If I need inspiration for a bundt cake recipe, or simply want to cook something tasty for dinner, this is often the first port of call.

I love the bright photography by Maike at The Culinary Trial. Plus her recipes are also delicious and sweet, featuring lots of fruit.

Makiko Itoh runs two blogs that I regularly visit Just Hungry and Just Bento. I love Japanese cooking, and Makiko makes the recipes seem easy. Although I don’t make bentos for myself at the moment, the healthy recipes are great as side dishes.

The Bonjon Gourmet also has beautiful photography and delectable recipes by trained chef Alanna. She seems to also be a multipotentialite like me, with interests in a wide range of areas.

After sourcing some of the harder to find ingredients, I’m ready to challenge myself and start making wagashi – Japanese sweets. The best site I’ve found is Wagashi Maniac, with awesome, easy to follow recipes and great photography.


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