Moving house

Rhubarb streusel

A couple of months without a kitchen? My nightmare!

For the 20th (!) time, I’m moving house.

I’ve got the process down pat.

But this time is different. Frustratingly so.

They are still replacing the floor and the roof terrace, so nothing can be moved or even cleaned.

Johnny, my rather dim Maine Coon ginger tom, needs an anesthetic and a shave (!) tomorrow. Plus Cookie, his tabby sister, is ill from this heat. Have to keep their stress levels and activity down.

The entire kitchen needs to be decided on, including appliances, purchased, delivered, then built, once the floor is finished. Potentially a wait of 8 weeks (and I go overseas in September!)

Then, a gas guy needs to come and connect my stove, even though it uses a gas bottle.

Plus health-wise, I’m not doing so good. And there’s this scary, tall, metal spiral stair case to the front door. One that I can see through. *freeze*

Current place is listed as available from September – my window is shrinking, rapidly!

To make me feel better – what are your horror moving stories?


About LearnedWords
Freelance writer and language coach. Eternally curious, eternally learning. Managing multiple chronic pain illnesses.

3 Responses to Moving house

  1. elainecanham says:

    My family moved all the time when I was a child: that was enough for me. I haven’t moved for 25 years.

    • nifwlseirff says:

      I think moving as a child might have given me a bit more reluctance to move voluntarily as an adult!

      • elainecanham says:

        Awful. Still, I did eventually become quite confident about walking into strange classrooms and meeting new people. I swore that would never happen to my kids, but for several reasons they did end up having to move school – and they really enjoyed it. You can never second-guess your children.

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