Quick pain management for a costochondritis flare

Johnny, lying in the balcony garden.

Costochondritis can knock you out!
(my cat Johnny, sleeping in the balcony garden)

Managing the spiking pain of costochrondritis is draining and difficult.

Especially when it’s a chronic symptom of another illness like fibromyalgia.

→ How to quickly manage a costochondritis flare

My recent post on StillPain.com

Unfortunately, last night at bedtime the costo spiked, probably due to a physio session, earlier in the day.

I couldn’t get comfortable, breathe properly. It felt like it had cramped all through from my back and out my chest.

I stayed calm (or rather, tried). Took a pain killer, but knew it wouldn’t kick in for 30 minutes. I lay on my back on one heat pack, as flat as possible, with another heat pack on my chest. Breathed slowly (mostly), did a bodyscan meditation for about 20 minutes – that was hard!

This morning, I’m sore. Very sore. Solid back, shoulder and chest. Hot shower helps.

I’ll rest for a few days. No cleaning, lifting, shopping, cooking, etc.

From experience, I know I’ll be ok in a few days.


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Freelance writer and language coach. Eternally curious, eternally learning. Managing multiple chronic pain illnesses.

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