Recent posts on Still Pain

I’ve been blogging about my recent diagnostic circus over at Still Pain (my health-focused blog).

It’s been a busy many months, in and out of hospital to get a diagnosis of spondyloarthritis after 30 years of symptoms, a bad allergic reaction to sulfasalazine, starting a light dose of chemotherapy with methotrexate, and so. many. tests!

The new diagnosis of spondyloarthropathy includes the sciatica and costochondritis I had as a kid, and moves the fibromyalgia to be a secondary symptom, because I developed it in my 20s as a result of the childhood of abuse and the chronic pain since before I was a teen.

c1c14-917596_609182152570974_951920713_nDespite, or perhaps, because of this, I’ve been a crafting machine – I finished many crochet projects in 2015 and am well on my way to powering through 2016.

A slow 20 minutes a day really gets results, it’s how I finished the cross-stitch pillow in time for Easter, taking part in the SustainablyCreative 20 minutes a day challenge.

Around all of this, I’m trying to get as many photographic jobs done as I can, and recently upgraded one of my lenses, to better take craft and food photos.

But that’s the limit of my energy at the moment.

I’d love it if you popped on over to StillPain, and if you find anything interesting, do leave me a comment there!


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Freelance writer and language coach. Eternally curious, eternally learning. Managing multiple chronic pain illnesses.

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