A few days of cooking

5543e-12797839_974259416002813_1315141602_nI’ve been craving time in the kitchen, making a bunch of favourite recipes.

Perhaps it’s because the headaches from the methotrexate are really limiting me to inside, with all blinds down. I have to be very careful with my energy and movement, or my head explodes.

So I’ve been carefully cooking (and eating) a few of my favourite things.

  • Orange cranberry bundt cake – this freezes so well, and is delicious when heated in the microwave with some ice cream. Oh, and home made vanilla bean ice cream too!
  • Roast chicken with honey and orange – Roasts are easy, once all the veggies are prepped. Just into the oven and forget until it’s ready to eat. I mix this up by varying the herbs, spices and citrus fruits. And I save the bones to make my own stock – nothing beats homemade stock!
  • Speaking of awesome homemade stock, another really easy dish that uses a few cups  is an asparagus and chicken casserole. It’s asparagus season at the moment, the only time when I can get good quality green asparagus in Germany. Most asparagus is white and tasteless here!
  • Another wizz vegetables up, put it all on the stove and forget it for an hour meal is mexican chili. It’s never the same twice as I keep changing the spices, herbs, vegetables, beans and meats (and I don’t measure!)
  • Strawberry and forest fruits jams have been a favourite since I was a kid, and it’s just coming into berry season. The four jars I made last week won’t last all that long, especially if I make some more scones.

Next up, I think some marmalade is in order, as I’ve run out. I’m also looking forward to the start of the tomato season – my fav parmesan-scone pie is best with homegrown or local fresh tomatoes.


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Freelance writer and language coach. Eternally curious, eternally learning. Managing multiple chronic pain illnesses.

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