Updated cross stitch pillow instructions

I’ve spent the last few months frantically stitch and quilting a new cross stitch pillow.

You see, I made the mistake of gifting a previously made cross stitch pillow to my youngest niece at Christmas. Her older sister was very upset and jealous, and requested a dinosaur one for herself. Not just any dinosaur, mind you. It had to be a herbivorous one.

It’s night impossible to find non-T-Rex cross stitch patterns, but I had enough patience and discovered one on Etsy.

It was finished the day before it needed to be gifted at Easter. And it is adored!

I’ve updated my article on How to quilt a cross stitch pillow with the new photos and instructions – a new camera and lens made this a lot more fun than the first two hedgehog pillows!



Two 2016 calendars

If you’re still looking for a 2016 calendar and love cats or wildlife, I hope you enjoy these two!

Johnny and Cookie, my cats, star in one, and the other has photos from Australia and Germany.


Cuddle time!

The cats also love the cooler temperatures, all the fur is too warm in summer – cuddling just isn’t comfortable when overheated!
By Kymberly Fergusson (http://instagram.com/p/3q2tHltJGg)

Beginner’s crochet

Beginner's crochetBeen looking for a not-so-wrist-intensive thing to do, while I await MRT and specialist results.

So I’m slowly getting into crochet. I feel I almost have the hang of chaining and single #crochet stitching, after a million and one restarts!

Thankfully, it isn’t too strenuous on the wrist, unlike stitching the metallics in my dragon cross stitch, playing piano, gardening, cooking or physically writing/drawing something.

Most of my hobbies use my wrist too much … 😔

Beginner’s cross stitch posted by Kymberly Fergusson (@learnedwords) on May 20, 2015 at 7:04am PDT

Cat hammock

Cat hammock

The roof-height cat tree from PetFun.de is fantastic. Having moved to a place with a higher roof, it’s been a little modified.

This is Cookie’s new favourite place – the sling.



Slowly finishing the apartment in a Japanese style – noren and lights installed. Seasonably appropriate. Will need to buy a different one for spring.

Before the gardener arrived

Autumnal garden path by nifwlseirff
Autumnal garden path, a photo by nifwlseirff on Flickr.

My favourite time of year – so much more energy and happiness with the gorgeous autumn colours. Plus I get to jump in piles of leaves, at least until they are cleared away!

Moving house

Rhubarb streusel

A couple of months without a kitchen? My nightmare!

For the 20th (!) time, I’m moving house.

I’ve got the process down pat.

But this time is different. Frustratingly so.

They are still replacing the floor and the roof terrace, so nothing can be moved or even cleaned.

Johnny, my rather dim Maine Coon ginger tom, needs an anesthetic and a shave (!) tomorrow. Plus Cookie, his tabby sister, is ill from this heat. Have to keep their stress levels and activity down.

The entire kitchen needs to be decided on, including appliances, purchased, delivered, then built, once the floor is finished. Potentially a wait of 8 weeks (and I go overseas in September!)

Then, a gas guy needs to come and connect my stove, even though it uses a gas bottle.

Plus health-wise, I’m not doing so good. And there’s this scary, tall, metal spiral stair case to the front door. One that I can see through. *freeze*

Current place is listed as available from September – my window is shrinking, rapidly!

To make me feel better – what are your horror moving stories?

For the gentlest of cats

Gingy sleepingAfter a struggle with diabetes for two years, I have heard that my gentle, green-eyed giant Gingy passed away.

I haven’t seen him since I left Australia three years ago, and have missed him terribly since.

He was a very loving cat, gentle and not brave. Scared of the open sky, the cat carrier, and slow to anger.

Not overly clever, he would complain about any closed door even though he could walk around through the open ones and get to where he wanted to be.

Loving comfort, blankets and beanbags covered in fur. The sound of my heater turning on would bring him running.

One whiff of eucalyptus or mint would make him very happy, he hunted my Tiger balm-covered limbs, and adored catnip. No box was ever safe from fur, teeth or claws.

He always kept me company on the couch as I battled my chronic illnesses, or on a pillow next to me as I worked.

Gingy is forever with me in my heart and thoughts.

Rest in Peace, Gingy, 2004 – 2013

Destructive adorable cats

Johnny - Maine Coon ginger kitten

Johnny – a devil in disguise as an angel

When I got the two Maine Coon kittens, I knew there would be a few problems with their fur – they just have so much of it. And they don’t like brushes. Brushes are to be eaten and fled from. Not so good when you have fur that clumps like Johnny.

But I didn’t anticipate the other challenges these adorable devils brought with them.

Johnny is a paper monster. If he gets impatient or upset, he goes in search of paper products to destroy. Most favourite is toilet paper, frequently attacked before feeding time. At least it’s cheap. But tissues, teaching printouts and books are not exempt.

Cookie - black and ginger tabby Maine Coon

Cookie – the fastest and strangest cat I’ve met

Cookie climbs, anything and everything. Including the inside wall-papered walls, and the textured outside walls. It looks like Freddy is a house guest.

Both of them eat trees. I don’t mean the leaves, I mean the branches and trunks. They love chewing on anything with a solid bite – cables (even when covered in large cable covers), pencils, pens, my thick hair ties.

As younger kittens, Maine Coons are carry-able, but 6kg on one arm gets tiring very quickly. Difficult when the cat loves long cuddles. Plus, jumping onto or off from me while sleeping is rather a shock.

Still, I wouldn’t trade them for the world – they provide a lot of laughs, much love, gorgeous photo subjects, cuddles, and hilarity.

And they coat everything with their fur – such giving creatures!

Have you lived with a destructive pet? How did you cope? Let me know in the comments below!

If this post resonated with you, or you know someone who has had a similar experience, please share it!

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