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IV port in handIf you are interested in following along with health musings, medical research and my journey to untangle my complex health problems, I’m blogging over at

Endometriosis, adenomyosis, PTSD, fibromyalgia, costochondritis, spondyloarthritis, stress and pain management, as well as a constellation of other health and lifestyle related topics will be featured, along with my photography in black and white. has tips for language teachers and learners, and for writers. It’s more work focused, and less personal than my health blog. You’ll find lesson plans for my EFL classes, puzzles and handouts, as well as reviews of the software I use and related books.

I’d love to see you there!


Regular Foodie Reads

20130719-100831.jpgJoanne Choi of Week of Menus regularly posts delicious cake and slice recipes as well as healthy, quick and oft spicy dishes. If I need inspiration for a bundt cake recipe, or simply want to cook something tasty for dinner, this is often the first port of call.

I love the bright photography by Maike at The Culinary Trial. Plus her recipes are also delicious and sweet, featuring lots of fruit.

Makiko Itoh runs two blogs that I regularly visit Just Hungry and Just Bento. I love Japanese cooking, and Makiko makes the recipes seem easy. Although I don’t make bentos for myself at the moment, the healthy recipes are great as side dishes.

The Bonjon Gourmet also has beautiful photography and delectable recipes by trained chef Alanna. She seems to also be a multipotentialite like me, with interests in a wide range of areas.

After sourcing some of the harder to find ingredients, I’m ready to challenge myself and start making wagashi – Japanese sweets. The best site I’ve found is Wagashi Maniac, with awesome, easy to follow recipes and great photography.

Coffee reads – working on one’s self

A collection of blog posts, articles and tweets which caught my attention in the last week. Some may be recent, some older.

Coffee and chocolateGuidelines for change – Down to Earth

On downshifting, simplifying, focusing on things other than money, and doing stuff yourself – growing a garden, reusing and recycling. Something I keep meaning to do more of.

7 reasons you struggle with happiness – Marc and Angel Hack Life

Points 1-5 resonated strongly with me – I have a habit of letting problems lie, and not doing enough about them, hiding my feelings from myself, and putting my passions aside.

Pick one – First Today, Then Tomorrow

Being overwhelmed with choices, with things to do, projects to complete, idea overload. Solution – pick one. Must try this!

Lying to yourself – James Gowans

Saying no isn’t hard – kids do it all the time. But I’ve forgotten how to do it. A necessary skill to keep using, to keep sane, productive and avoid overload.

Don’t compare yourself to others, just get on with YOUR important work – Sustainably Creative

In comparison, you always end up lacking, losing, wanting, and then feeling bad and not doing whatever it is you want to do – not feeling good enough. This is certainly a description of me!

“When you’re feeling lost, take heart. It’s just your brain gathering the information it needs to make good decisions.” ~Josh Kaufman  via @ThinkSimpleNow

Got another article or tweet you’d love to add? Let me know in the comments!

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