For the love of words

Typewriter in monochromeI have always loved words, language, writing.

I started reading young, and devoured books of all types.

My mother could never get me some from second hand sales or the library fast enough!

Writing didn’t take much longer, emulating my favourite authors.

The love of learning was well entrenched when I discovered language learning.

I’m a freelance writer and language coach, and that’s why I started LearnedWords.

If you are interested in languages, learning, teaching or writing, I’d love to connect with you at LearnedWords!


Main blogs – StillPain and LearnedWords

IV port in handIf you are interested in following along with health musings, medical research and my journey to untangle my complex health problems, I’m blogging over at

Endometriosis, adenomyosis, PTSD, fibromyalgia, costochondritis, spondyloarthritis, stress and pain management, as well as a constellation of other health and lifestyle related topics will be featured, along with my photography in black and white. has tips for language teachers and learners, and for writers. It’s more work focused, and less personal than my health blog. You’ll find lesson plans for my EFL classes, puzzles and handouts, as well as reviews of the software I use and related books.

I’d love to see you there!

Words rhyming with ‘ale’

I usually give these vocabulary building exercises to my conversation class students as homework, although completing them in class can result in a surprising amount of noise and talking.

Word list, rhyming with ale

Example: A type of beer: ale

  1. A bundle of hay.
  2. To remove water from somewhere, usually the inside of a boat.
  3. To become sick. …

For the remainder, please visit Words rhyming with ‘ale’ on LearnedWords.

Bite-sized podcasts for English fluency

Podcasts are an excellent and enjoyable way to increase your listening fluency and pick up new words, in context.

I’ve been using a few in German, and have noticed it’s much easier for me to put together sentences – I’m soaking up the grammar as well as new words!

To see my recommendations for short to medium length podcasts, please visit Bite-sized podcasts for English fluency on LearnedWords.

What if you won a medieval village?

medieval castle and fieldsI’ve been running this mini ‘project’ in both my business and conversation classes.

Each group’s suggestions are completely different to all other groups and fascinating!

It’s a great chance to practice conjunctions, if-conditionals, modal verbs, and to get everyone talking, debating, negotiating, and even arguing heatedly!

In the business classes, they have to present a proposal, in order to win more ‘funding’.

You’ve just won a competition!

For fun, you entered a competition with a group from your English class, although you never expected to win.

Now that you have actually won, you want to restore this lovely medieval village and turn it into a profitable business.

To see the rest of the lesson plan and grab the PDF handout, please see What if you won a medieval village? on LearnedWords.

Professions crossword

A number of my classes are deep in the jobs and professions topic area.

Crosswords are a fun way of increasing vocabulary (both in the answers and in the questions!)

Visit Professions crossword on LearnedWords to grab the downloadable PDF.

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